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Western Technical Installations Ltd. (WTI) is a prominent electrical contractor and service provider based in British Columbia. WTI specializes in a range of electrical services, including energy transmission, distribution, and generation projects. We are committed to delivering safety, quality, and innovative solutions to our clients.
Western Technical Installations Ltd. has carved its niche in the industrial and heavy electrical contracting industry since its inception in 2005. Our journey began with a simple yet profound belief in delivering unparalleled service quality to clients with our adept and specialized team.

WTI operates as part of the Mott Electric family. Western Technical’s headquarters are in Nanaimo, BC, and we serve the entire area of British Columbia.

Core Values

WTI’s business model and core objectives revolve around Performance, Safety, and Integrity. These principles guide our approach to every project, emphasizing quality management, innovative safety practices, and cultural implementation to save clients time and money.


WTI focuses on delivering safety, high quality, and on-time, on-budget projects. We attribute our performance to dedicated project managers, experienced on-site management, skilled craftsmen, and a safety and quality-focused workforce culture. Our hand-selected team of experts continuously introduces innovative solutions to problem-solving, using technologies and decades of experience to save costs and reduce project timelines, sharing these benefits with clients.


WTI places a strong emphasis on worksite safety, making it a core component of our values and beliefs. We invest the necessary resources to ensure the health and welfare of all workers, including supervisors, managers, subcontractors, and visitors across project sites and facilities.


Honesty, trust, and respect is central to our company's mission statement. These values are reflected in the quality and safety of the work and the satisfaction of our clients.

Industry Leaders in Electrical Infrastructure

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